Team Building At The Beach / Prizes

Team Building At The Beach

Suggestions of Prizes (if you decide to make it a contest)


The Golden Shovel Award:

A cute little "one-upsmanship trophy" that is sure to be a hit.

Stands about 24" high [can be packed in most suitcases.]

Single Shovel price $50

Order one for the whole team or for each particpant.....

Two to Three Golden Shovels @ $40 per

Four or more Golden Shovels @ $35 per








There are also our Mini-Castles that have been coveted prizes...



This 15" medieval castle is made from a sand-resin.

A single castle price of $75

For multi-castle orders look to our Mini-Castle link at:



We hope you enjoy your visit and
something catches your eye and sparks an idea.

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